About the Database

Meridian Institute developed this Nanotechnology and Commodities Database as a resource for the International Workshop on Nanotechnology, Commodities, and Development, convened 29 – 31 May 2007 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Database describes some examples of specific nanotechnology applications that may present opportunities and risks for specific commodity sectors, including:

  • Agricultural and Food Commodities;
  • Mining and Mineral Commodities;
  • Fibers, Textiles, and Apparel; and
  • Rubber, Plastic, and Composite Materials.

For more detailed information on opportunities and risks of nanotechnology for commodity producers and commodity exporting countries, please see About Nanotech and Commodities.

The information contained in the Database is aggregated from Meridian’s Nanotechnology and Development News (NDN), a free daily electronic news service covering the most important global developments at the nexus of nanotechnology, poverty alleviation, and the role of science and technology in development, as well as from other news sources, reports, scientific publications, and manufacturers’ materials. For additional resources related to nanotechnology applications and commodities, please see our Blogroll section in the right navigation bar.

The Nanotechnology and Commodities Database is an example of the tools and strategies developed by Meridian Institute to help people solve problems and make informed decisions.


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